“Bagoto®, a simple act for a cleaner world”

Created in 2011, Bagoto® is the first designer waste bag for automobiles that is reusable and washable, it is also a small tidying ecological and indispensable storage pocket meant to keep the inside of the car clean and preserve the environment. Bagoto®, whose name comes from the word Bag + Oto (our abbreviation for automobile), and which dimensions are 22cm wide and 33cm high, is made out of non-woven textile material that is reusable and washable; and in its natural bamboo version, it is reusable, bio degradable, thus non washable.

With its ergonomical shape, slightly resembling to a ping pong racket, its handle has an opening in it that easily adapts to the majority of cars on the stick shift, whether it is an automatic or manual or even under the front seats head rests for the back passengers.

Bagoto® is most of all a preventive move, an eco-attitude, a collective conscious that incites people to adopt a more civic behavior by respecting the cleanliness of the roads. Bagoto® is also an original promotional support tool, simple, efficient and low cost, with a purpose of promoting messages from eco friendly entities: the personalized Bagoto.


The idea behind the creation of Bagoto® has been fermenting in the mind of Talia Mouracadé for many years. During that period and for the past five years, the project has been developed with no restraints whatsoever into all its aspects. The product Bagoto® has progressed from idea to reality, demonstrating its multi purpose functionalities:

  • its usage mode is as simple as a Swiss knife, as well at home as in the car;
  • a mini waste bag/storage pocket that is at the same time ecological, economical, funny and trendy;
  • and finally a new promotional support tool for advertisers.

Bagoto®, the one and only product of its kind created in France. By its thoroughly thought, ergonomically shaped model and and its stitch finishing, it has become the "must have Frenchy". Bagoto®, has proven itself to be an addictive tool that offers to everyone the possibility of using it as they see fit and applicable.

The Bagoto® idealistic message was concretized with the creation of a product that is eco-responsible, washable, reusable and long lasting. Its main function being the lending of a helping hand to all eco-aware citizen drivers in order to end a litter problem that is polluting our public roads. Moreover, Bagoto is also the bearer of a socio-responsible message by the fact of putting to work, in France, handicapped workers via the ESAT establishments.


Within five years, a line of products has been developed around the mini waste bag for cars/organizer pocket which is the anchor product, thus making Bagoto® the umbrella for a range of products that are available nowadays and within the same logic of the anchor product itself leader of the project.

Within the Bagoto® range of products features a multi use organizer pocket (Paratudo®), a mini bag (Paraela®), a beach bag (Parapraia®), and an ashtray to insert in the original Bagoto® (FormyBagoto®). All these names and designs are branded and trademark protected. 
"Ethic, is chic" : this newborn within the Bagoto® family is a high end line item product, the Bagoto® Vegan: the first storage pocket for cars specially designed to be within an easy hand reach while you're driving and can accompany you wherever you need it.


Bagoto® arouses a spontaneous attachment in consumers of all ages, gender and walks of life and benefits from a sympathy that exceeds their awaited expectations. Customers buy Bagoto because they are attracted by a smart, yet simple product, within reach of all budgets and with a wide variety of different usages which make it their inseparable daily companion.


Month after month, Bagoto® has benefited from a multitude of praising press releases as well as glorious TV coverage; these are the fruits of all the positive feedback that confirm the quality of the product and highly contribute to its image depicting it as the necessary and unavoidable item. You can review the whole media file on the Bagoto blog.


The application of the decree forbidding the use of the single use disposable plastics goes hand in hand with Bagoto®, the reusable waste bag for cars. The legitimacy of that law encourages even more the development of an eco-responsible product. Furthermore, the public sector, and in particular the regional directorates for environment, planning and housing as well as the directorates for road management, are more than ever geared towards the motorist awareness programs for the respect of the environment.

This is the case with the billboard campaigns with messages such as "for a cleaner road" or "the road is not a trash can" : Bagoto® is a simple and straight forward answer to these awareness campaigns aimed towards the cleanliness of the roads.