L.H. Amazon customer comment

« I'm so glad I ordered these Bagoto, if there's one thing I can't stand it's to see drivers throw their trash from their car window littering the side of the roads; who is picking it up? »… see more


Bagoto®, because the values do not measure with the number of years

They are little? This is just the right moment! Children do have a tremendous potential: sensitive, curious, without prejudice, nature lovers, flora, fauna, and they say it to us every day… see more


With Bagoto®, you can finally believe in Santa Claus!

Each year it's the same old headache. With the Holidays approaching you wonder what gift to offer. Between the eternal neck tie, the classic police novel and the cigar box, the surprise might not be up to parr!  see more


Nothing is foreseen in the cars for trash?

Papers, snack leftovers, chewing-gum… where to dispose of them? In the Bagoto, the design and reusable waste bag for cars that can be placed on the stick shift or behind the head rest… see more


Nice press comeback for Bagoto!

Bagoto's back to school in the September press! 3 editorials about us… see more