Bagoto is also meant for the professionals

Bagoto Ecolo: to combine the action to the intention  

Are you a professional (corporation, township, foundation) ? Do you act for the environment and wish to spread your initiative?
Bagoto Ecolo is your partner : Personalize it to your colors and pass on – at a very reasonable cost – your environmentally responsible message, while simultaneously offering an immediate solution to be put in use.

Bagoto Ecolo is:

  • a daily message embeded in the client’s 2nd home : the car
  • a double benefit for the advertizer: spread an eco-friendly and responsible image while offering a gift that is useful, fun and durable
  • an innovating support: more noticeable than a pen, an agenda, a mug
  • a return on investment: Bagoto Ecolo offers an exceptional cost/message diffusion ratio
Bagoto® en situation et ses 14 coloris différents

Bagoto Ecolo carries your message  

Designed in such a way to maximize visibility to your message, the version Bagoto Ecolo BtoB line of produts is different from the general public one:

Front side

  • the Bagoto logo and the slogan « Bagoto, c’est écolo et rigolo » are not printed on the front in order to give the most room for the client’s message and marking

Back side

  • the website address is not printed
  • the Bagoto logo is reduced
  • the color of the stitching thread is the same as the non woven bag
  • the words "reusable, washable 30° and made in EU have been added to the Tidy man and to recyclability symbol in order to showcase the European identity of the product
BLACK-LES-2-VERSIONS.jpgBagoto® B to C / B to B

They trust us  


Many corporations, communities and townships have called on Bagot, in France and internationally, in order to create an eco-citizenship awareness for their employees or administration.
Join them!


Bagoto Ecolo: product description  

Polypropylene free of polluting particles
Inks with no harmful based substance
Overall: H 33 cm x L 22 cm
Pocket size: H 17 cm x L 21 cm
Method of fabrication
Bagoto Ecolo is machine sewn, handled by hand individually. Since 2020 this process is performed in the EU
14 colors: white, grey, black, red, pink, orange, yellow, green, cyan blue, navy blue, purple, tan, kaki, terra
Usage: 2 ways to install:
In the front : on the stick shift, either driver or passenger side
In the back: behind the head rests of the front seats
Machine wash at 30° C
Certification and norms
European norm EN94/62 (relating to heavy metals content, European norm M1 of uninflammability (Formybagoto)
It is mainly performed by silk screen heat transfer, one bag at a time, in the company’s workshop in France