Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR 3 letters which mean everything to Bagoto

Corporate and Environmental Responsibility is the DNA of the Bagoto project. This is materialized by having:

  • an eco-responsible product: reusable, washable, recyclable
  • and the process chosen is socio-responsible: the steps taken to personalize and condition the product are done in France, calling on establishments and services for people with limited abilities to do the work (ESAT). And, since early 2020, the selection of an EU-based manufacturer allowed creating a short production cycle, thereby reducing the environmental impact of product transport operations.

Above and beyond, the Bagoto executive team have decided, through their main product, to support many social and environmental initiatives. As an example:

  • Eco-participation of 1 percent collected on each Bagoto sale is given to environmental protection agencies, partners in the project, ("Ana Ma Bkebb"- i.e. I don't throw away; “Club Génération Responsable” ; “1 piece of Rubbish”)
  • Raising awareness lead by municipalities either in France, Europe or internationally through awareness campaigns
  • Sponsoring events organized by students (4L trophies, rallies, professional schools…) equally in the vision of roads cleanliness
  • Contributing in organizing workshops for children, in schools and fairs, by providing unmarked Bagoto bags to be personalized by the children, who in turn become brand ambassadors to their parents. 

Certified as responsable

Bagoto has taken certification steps that have allowed to conform its products to the European norms EN94/62 (relating to heavy metals content) M1, European norm for flame retardency (Formybagoto, nonflammable ashtray to be inserted in the Bagoto). Besides, Bagoto has been submitted to different compliance tests for its quality and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility).


Bagoto rewarded for its approach

The steps taken by Talia Mouracade and Ramzi Khoury in terms of corporate social responsibility, since the founding of the company, have landed them the Silver Trophy from their first participation in the CSR contest of the CECAP94, undertaken by the International Chamber of Commerce of Val de Marne.

This distinction has pointed them out to the CSR management team of BpiFrance, a public investment banking body which services entrepreneurs, and has offered them, in order to enhance even more their CSR tasks within their company, a participation via a training program offered by GreenFlex, a consulting firm specializing in solutions to enhance the environmental and social transitions of companies.