Our values

Bagoto : practicing the ethic 

  • The environment is a shared treasure : preservation, respect of the animal condition, it’s all possible if we go at it alltogether. 

  • At Bagoto, we have been aware of this fact for a while back. So we have created practical solutions that are economical and fun in order to handle the waste on a daily basis.

  • For it’s time to attack the problem upfront. You’ll be the judge of that! 



Road pollution: the numbers  

According to an study that was performed in 2015, in France:

  • 30% of the French people admit throwing trash out the car window
  • 4,900 tons of trash are collected each year by highway workers
  • 73,200 tons of trash are disposed off on roads and highways!

As much for the small trash – wrappers, soda cans, tissue, cigarette butts, etc. – those belong in the Bagoto Ecolo and not on the road.


source Vinci autoroutes

Times are changing

Side road trash nowadays is generating more and more resentment feelings from our compatriotes:

  • 97% consider that such a situation reflects negatively on their city, region or coutry’s image
  • 96% are for corrective measures such as : constant cleaning, surveilance, fine, etc…
  • 93% are angrily critical against those violators

The environmental consciousness is finding its way in France, and Bagoto is on the forefront.

At Bagoto, our sense of ethics goes far beyond offering products intended to keep the environment clean, it includes their entire manufacturing and transport process. For instance, Bagoto Ecolo, our litter bag for cars, is the result of the choice of a washable and recyclable non-woven material, dyed with environmentally friendly inks, and manufactured from now on in the European Union, in order to minimize the carbon footprint linked to its transportation to the storage location near Paris before shipment.

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