• Organizer pouch for everyone

    More practical than a car net, Bagoto is also an organizer pouch in a non woven fabric, designed to gather the daily objects you use during your road trips. Pick your style amongst 3 models and various colors to differentiate the usage, such as car trash bag or organizer pocket.

    Car trash pocket, non woven fabric organizer pouch or communication support for advertisers, Bagoto is at the disposal of all drivers.

  • Bagoto Vegan, the handbag for cars

Car accessories 

Garbage bin for cars

Bagoto is the designer waste bag for cars, reusable and washable. It is 22cm wide and 33cm high (9 X 13 in), ergonomic and practical. Its shape, slightly similar to a ping-pong (table tennis) racket, with a looped handle that fits most vehicles, on the stick shift lever, whether manual or automatic, or behind the front seat’s head rests. It comes : — 10 bright colors (black, white, gray, yellow, orange, red, pink, green, blue and purple) made from non woven fabric  — a “Terra” collection (beige, kaki and terracota) made from non woven fabric — an ecological version, 100% natural bamboo fiber, extra soft, cream color, biodegradable and compostable.

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Bagoto Vegan

Vegan car storage pouch —  Bagoto Vegan is the first car storage pouch created to naturally fit be the extension of your hand, when you are on board, and follows you everywhere you need it to be. Bagoto Vegan, Bagoto vegan is not only the end of wasted time looking for that pair of glasses which slipped under the dashboard, but it's also the trendy accessory in your car. Made of a recyclable materiel, which perfectly looks and feels like leather, the latest Bagoto creation is not only a high end product, but decorative. light and durable as well. Placed on the driver's side, it is able to contain a thousand and one daily objects such as keys, phones, glasses, receipts, etc... and easy to access just by reaching over while keeping your eyes on the road.  t comes in two distinctive colours: —Havana, luxurious and classic —Black, sporty and masculin.   Ethical is fashionable!  As indicated by it's name , Bagoto Vegan doesn't use any animal products. It adds on to the ethics of a (...)

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Para Collection

- Paraela® (the Bagoto mini shopping bag), which means « for her », can be also placed in the car on the stick shift and could be taken everywhere ; it is a nomad multi use bag, where sunglasses, cellular phone, make up kit, headphones, etc. find their place and it can be carried away "wherever you go, wherever you want", it could be go to the gym on the cardio fitness machine, in the handbag, to run a small erron, etc. Paraela is available in black color only, and beares the trademark’s colors, black, green, white and gray. It is rectangular shaped with rounded corners for a more feminine look and is 26cm (10 inches) wide and 18cm (7 inches) high. - Paratudo® (the Bagoto pouch) which means "for everything". The Paratudo® from Bagoto, can be easily placed anywhere in the car on a straight plastic surface. It is rectangular in shape, 26cm (10 inches) wide and 18cm (7 inches) high, it comes with a fixing support on which it easily fits. Just like the Bagoto , it can be used and (...)

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Bagoto for special events

Celebrate New year, Mother or Father's  Day, or your pet's birthday! Personalize your Bagoto to celebrate important dates. Or order the printed Bagoto with your favorite colors. Ask for a quote.

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Vive la liberté ! If Bagoto Vegan and Bagoto Ecolo where first created as accessories for cars, nothing stops you from using them wherever you want. Take them everywhere or use them at home. With their straps you can hang them anywhere.

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Bagoto Catalog

The whole Bagoto catalog on a single page!

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Car accessories

Bagoto: accessory is essential

A trip in your car without music, without gps, with no possibility of placing your cup, tidying your things, disposing of the garbage? Unthinkable! 
All these car accessories have become simply essential. And it's thinking of your comfort, your security and the security of those on the road with you that Bagoto has developed a wide range of simple use, trendy and aesthetically pleasing accessories for your car:

  • to have your glasses, mobile phone or keys within your reach we created Bagoto Vegan, a true handbag for cars, it's the high end accessory to take everywhere with you.
  • For a clean car interior and roads, we have created a car trash bag in 13 colors non-woven material, washable and reusable: Bagoto Ecolo
  • For shopping, going to the beach, with the Para range, let the Brazilian sun enter your car!
  • Not forgetting the Formybagoto, the ashtray created for drivers who smoke. Made of fireproof cardboard with scented sand inside, it's inserted in the Bagoto Ecolo to safely take your cigarette butts.

Discover now in our catalog all the accessories that will give a new pleasant experience on board…