Bagoto is a concept inspired by the CSR 

(Corporate Social Responsibility )

Roads strewn with garbage discarded by motorists
=> environmental pollution and danger for two-wheelers

The most simple actions can benefit the environment if they are widespread

Refrain from throwing anything out of the car windows
=> a Bagoto garbage bag is within reach and simple to use

Bagoto, one simple gesture for a cleaner world 

advertising clip bagoto vs saligo

Bagoto, citizen of the world  

Talia Mouracadé and her partner Ramzi Khoury founders of Bagoto SAS, both originally Lebanese, have lived around the world and reflect a cultural blending which is at the origin of their creativity and values:

  • eco citizenship
  • respect of the environment and animal welfare
  • an eco-friendly attitude and a socio-ecological responsibility which provides jobs in France by means of establishments and services for people with limited abilities (ESAT).

In June 2011 they decided to create - based on a Brazilian concept - a trash bag for cars under the brand name of Bagoto, the first of its kind in France, created with the  concept of reusability and high quality finish which became the French "must have" product. 
Bagoto became the mother brand of a collection of available products complementing the original which is still the driving force of the project. 


Two key products

Bagoto Ecolo
durable and inherently respectful of the environment,
a product for everyone
poubelle de voiture


Bagoto Vegan
a high end car storage pocket
combining elegance and respect for all living things
sac vegan

The entire Bagoto collection reflects the strong link between the creator of the products, Talia Mouracadé, and her clients. A link which fosters Bagoto’s endeavor towards innovation in all its forms… In 2020, Bagoto decides to relocate its manufacturing in the EU, testifying to its willingness to reduce sharply the carbon footprint from the transport of its products.  

The Team

The Bagoto® label along with the drawings and designs are the propriety of Bagoto SAS which gathers a team dedicated to the development and the marketing of its products. The team consists of:

  • a development coordinator,
  • a financial manager,
  • a creative director,
  • an expert in communication and promotions,
  • an advertising executive,
  • a filmmaker,
  • a copywriter.

An entire  task force to service you!