• Organizer pouch for everyone

    More practical than a car net, Bagoto is also an organizer pouch in a non woven fabric, designed to gather the daily objects you use during your road trips. Pick your style amongst 3 models and various colors to differentiate the usage, such as car trash bag or organizer pocket.

    Car trash pocket, non woven fabric organizer pouch or communication support for advertisers, Bagoto is at the disposal of all drivers.

  • Bagoto Vegan, the handbag for cars

Para Collection 

Para Collection

- Paraela® (the Bagoto mini shopping bag), which means « for her », can be also placed in the car on the stick shift and could be taken everywhere ; it is a nomad multi use bag, where sunglasses, cellular phone, make up kit, headphones, etc. find their place and it can be carried away "wherever you go, wherever you want", it could be go to the gym on the cardio fitness machine, in the handbag, to run a small erron, etc. Paraela is available in black color only, and beares the trademark’s colors, black, green, white and gray. It is rectangular shaped with rounded corners for a more feminine look and is 26cm (10 inches) wide and 18cm (7 inches) high.
- Paratudo® (the Bagoto pouch) which means "for everything". The Paratudo® from Bagoto, can be easily placed anywhere in the car on a straight plastic surface. It is rectangular in shape, 26cm (10 inches) wide and 18cm (7 inches) high, it comes with a fixing support on which it easily fits. Just like the Bagoto , it can be used and reused indefinitely.
- Parapraia® (the Bagoto beachbag) which means "for the beach" is a derivative product of Bagoto that is more targeted towards the beach, it’s an intended Brazilian accent to honor the origins of the Bagoto concept. The Parapraia from Bagoto is very tough, and measures 45cm X 35 cm (18 in X 14 in).