—A simple brand for a great idea

Snacking, blowing your nose, chewing a piece of gum or consuming a beverage, so many daily habits that go hand in hand with the time spent in the car…and most of the time we end up by cumulating the residual waste in the door pockets or by throwing it out the car window, littering the side of the roads.

Born from the will to keep the inside of your car clean and to preserve the environment, Bagoto is the first design, reusable and washable cleanliness bag specifically created for cars. From now on, the small wrappers, paper tissues, beverage cans, chewing gums and other little waste have their respective place in your car, prior to disposing of them properly in a garbage bin where they belong!

Using Bagoto is more than just maintaining the inside of your car spic and span clean. It is also showing concretely , day in and day out, your eco friendly attitude by a simple gesture in favor of clean roads by containing properly our small cumulated trash that is usually recyclable.

—Bagoto®: a name that speaks for itself !

What other name to give a small bag specifically designed for automobiles other than Bag-oto?
A short, simple and easy to remember name to an indispensable tool of the daily life. Behind that name stands a product that is quite affordable in price and so well thought in terms of its shape (22cm width by 33cm height) and its fabrication material (non woven textile material reusable and washable or bio degradable in its natural bamboo version). 

—More than just a product, it is a tool

Bagoto® is not only meant to be a solution for the cleanliness of the car and the preservation of the environment but it is also meant to be a communication support tool for any entity wishing to pass on an eco-friendly and socio-responsible message.

Easily customized to the colors of your choice, it is an original extension of your brand name in your client's car. It also associates your name to a double engagement from your end: firstly a social one, for Bagoto calls on, as far as its product conditioning and packaging, on establishments that create work for handicapped persons (ESAT: établissements et services d'aide par le travail) and secondly an environmental one by the fact that for each Bagoto sold there is an eco participation of 0.01 Euro that goes to entities specialized in the preservation of the environment.

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